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How To Download Films For Free & Watch Online HD We Explain Here

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Welcome To HDMOVIZ,NET ! Free Film Download Site

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How To Download Movies For Free From The Internet In Mobile & PC

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READ ALL TIPS HOW TO USE THIS WEBSITE: We Are Explaining Here How To Use This Website And All The Tips And Tricks You Can Use

  1. First we want to let you know the thing we are not uploading any video, audio, or image file on our server this image site only contain text and transfer link to other site so this is important that before making any kind of copyright claim or infringement notice to us we can only remove web-page from our server and again we are not taking any contain on site the uploader upload contain on the other sites like indishare, clicknupload & meadishare etc. So first let us know which post you think we have to delete and send us a mail and we promise the post permanently deleted from our database. Send a mail On >>> [email protected]
  2. For visiting website we know that your facing some kind of ads. that are very disturbing or irrelevant but first we let you know most disturbing ad is popunder ads but once you refresh the website it will automatically disabled for the next 1 hour. (ads are here for maintaining our server cost we can provide free contain to you so please support us).
  3. When you visit this website we are explain here how to download or watch any video on this site
    • A. First open homepage or simple website then choose from any update middle in the site and you can choose any genre or categories which are mention at your left side.
    • B. After choosing contain click on it and main page of the contain open on the main page you can see many thing you can read movie story, plot, cast list and genre before downloading or watching movie or tv show
    • C. On the main page you can see a list of downloading links and watch online links this depend on you what you want to do download or watch online and click on it.
    • D. After click on the download/watch online link a new page open which contain url of video file you can read the file size and length after click on the link and your file start downloading or playing online.
    • E. We Are Provide downloading server are Upfile, Clicknupload, Upload-Mobi, Indishare, 9xupload and Multiupload and for watch online links are 9xuplay and streamango we are explain a minor difference between them.
    • F. Upfile-mobi and Upload-mobi are the simplest server to use you have to just open it and download file.
    • G. Clicknupload, Indishare, 9xupload and Multiupload may be some typical to use because of more popup ads but the downloading is highest on these server.
    • H.9xuplay and streamango both are same but screen size are different
  4. On The Top-Left side you can see a logo of hdmoviz (looking like a display) is not only a logo if you click on it it will redirect you to home page directly
  5. Near hdmoviz logo you can see a search box. this is most important part of the site type you query in the search box and click search your search with the all option open in a second check it for explore the website
  6. On the top right corner you can see big bold text HDMOVIZ shows which browser or device you are using now
  7. On the Top of the website there is a button -> FAST MODE click on the button and all the unnecessary item will be invisible/disable so only main contain displayed. And you can choose form it your favorite content
  8. Near Fast mode button in the right side you can see a button which is more feature click this button and you can see all the hidden feature of the website . We recommend you to must check all the feature of the website so you can enjoy all the features of hdmoviz
  9. Below fast button you can see some color-full button we are explain here how they can work.
    • a. Share Button (Green Button) - click on the button to share the movie or show to your friends and family through social media like whatsapp, facebook, google-plus, twitter etc. just click on the share button and choose option click on it and share simple.
    • b. Like Button (Blue Button) - if you like our website and appreciate our work then we request to you for please like our website on social sites click on the like button for like or follow our website on facebook, instagram, twitter etc.
    • c. Shortcut Button (Light Blue Button) - if you like our website and save it in your browser as shortcut so you don't need to always type site address and open it again and again so just click on this button and follow the steps and this website automatically save in your browser as shortcut and play easy.
    • d.Subscribe Button(Yellow Button) - if you want to get updates of new contain on our site click on update and choose option like mail, whatsapp, fb-group me and message and we will send you the latest updates directly.
    • e.How To Download(Dark Green Button) - if you want to know more about how to download a media file or you facing problem on downloading click here and get full detail.
    • f.Advertise(Dark Pink Button) - if you are any website or business owner and want to promote your business through our website click here and choose option and we will provide visitor or customer to your site.
    • g.Create Account(Orange Button) - if you want to direct download any movie, tv show or media file without visiting website or suffering from long process click here create account and we will send you f direct links simply click on it and download will start automatically in 1 second.
    • h.Get visitors to your website/blog/youtube channel(Purple Button) - you can get direct traffic to your youtube channel, blog or site get direct visitors with us click here the button for options.
    • i.Problem(Red Button) - if your facing any problem or you have any query you can click on this button.
  10. Below These Buttons you can see a most trending update bar where some updates are ticking these are the links of the recent updates which are the most downloading at the same time or most popular.
  11. After most trending bar you can see an automatic slider which shows upcoming movies and tv shows which are coming on hdmoviz so you can get in touch for download that.
  12. After automatic slider main page star where you ca see main page for daily update, list page or movie/tv show page.
  13. In mid you see round shape slider which can slide right to left or left to right contain most recommended downloads on hdmoviz choose and click on your choice for open desired page.
  14. At the end section 6 contain round shape slider which shows the categories of different kind of genre on hdmoviz choose one and click for open the page.
  15. At the bottom you find 4 button in navy color for different group invitation link for get update on wahtsapp, facebook page, facebook group and gmail group click them and join group for get hdmoviz update on social platform.
  16. After this you can see TIPS HOW TO USE/ F.A.Q section which your reading now so no need to explain.
  17. After F.A.Q section comment section appear where you can comment, request, suggest and share your problem we will read all the comments and reply all the comments so we suggest comment more and more.
  18. At the end in a blue vertical-box footer of the website appear there are some option like DMCA Policy, Contact Us, About US links you can click here and read about us contact us and do many more so enjoy.
  19. At the left you can see a list bar of movie and tv shows click on any link and scroll open below you can see a top list and a red button shows click here for full list you can choose from list or you can click on red button and the full list page will be open.
  20. After the list bar a you can see a scrollbar which contain top downloaded media file of the entire month. you can choose and click on that so your selection will be open.
  21. On the list page of movies and main movie page at right side some block appear like Recent Updates and Related these are directly connected to the home page and list page the your selected movie and you can see all the updates directly from there.
  22. Time By Time We Update all the F.A.Q Please check on regular basis.
  23. If you have anything you want to tell us or ask us the describe in comment section or you can mail us on [email protected] or connect with us through given option and we will reply you in maximum 24 hours.
  24. Thanks For Reading.......

READ ALL About This Webpgae: We Are Explaining Here this webpage and their contain you can read here

  1. We represent this page as How To Download Free Movies And Films collection by its releasing year any one can find out your favorite Movies.
  2. we categories this page in all the steps for read all the steps how to download free movies so you have to do only read step by step all things and follow them
  3. On The Top-Left side you can see a logo of hdmoviz (looking like a display) is not only a logo if you click on it it will redirect you to home page directly
  4. when you choose any specific television program or season a new page will open which have almost every episode of the season of programme
  5. the only reason for creating this page is that to collect all hindi tv shhows here
  6. time by time we write more about this page so please check this again on certain time interval
  7. Thanks For Reading.......

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